Emotions and surprises

Roughly 700,000 Swiss live outside Switzerland ? far away from friends and family. Some of those whose stories are especially touching will receive the most wonderful surprise of their life. SWISS and SRF are bringing together people who miss each other deeply. The reunions are secretly planned and organised by their loved ones.

Timo, for example, is a young Swiss hockey player developing his skills in distant Canada. He has no idea about the surprise his parents and sister have in store for him for his 17th birthday. Also in for a big surprise is Ernst, who operates a meat-cutting business in Singapore together with his sons and grandchildren. His sister Margrit and her family have dreamt up something special.

The programmes

Episode 1, 16 December 2013

For two years, Sven and Vanessa have been in a long-distance relationship spanning over 6,000 km. For his Mission Surprise, Sven arranges for his girlfriend to visit New York. But Vanessa has no idea that Sven is behind the trip ? because Sven has the perfect ally: Vanessa?s mum Claudia.

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Episode 2, 17 December 2013

This time it?s Timo Meier?s turn for a surprise. Timo is a member of the Swiss U-17s ice hockey team, and is currently in Canada trying to fulfil his dream of going pro. So his parents and sister are embarking on a Mission Surprise that Timo will never forget.

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Episode 3, 18 December 2013

Jasmin beat her addiction to alcohol and now helps out on a farm in Namibia building orphanages. Her younger sister Caroline would dearly love to see her again, so it?s time to pack a few extra things for her Mission Surprise: aid for Jasmin?s little charges.

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Episode 4, 19 December 2013

It?s time for Luana and Joy?s Mission Surprise. The two 17-year-old girls from Pratteln want to surprise their best friend Luana, who emigrated to Shanghai with her family eight months ago. It?s going to be a real adventure in the 23 million-strong metropolis.

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Episode 5, 20 December 2013

Margareta?s greatest wish ? and the aim of her Mission Surprise - is to spend Christmas with her children Roland and Sandra, along with her brother Ernst. But butcher Ernst emigrated to Singapore 30 years ago. Something tells us there?s about to be a surprise Christmas party?

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